Special Recognition Award to NIKHEF

During the 9th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW9), which was held in Amsterdam from May 15 to May 19 2000 in Amsterdam, a special recognition award was presented to NIKHEF, the Dutch National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics.

The award consisted of a T shirt which was designed in 1994 on occasion of the first WWW conference. The logo shows the first High Energy Physics Institutes running a web server. "YOU" is not an HEP institute but an invitation to the attendees of the conference to install a web server.

The award was presented to Walter Hoogland, who was a scientific director of CERN and who made this first WWW conference possible and to Willem van Leeuwen, who introduced WWW at NIKHEF and demonstrated the usefulness of WWW by implementing interfaces to existing databases.
From left to right: Willem van Leeuwen, Walter Hoogland, Robert Cailliau, Bebo White