How to hook into WWW

You still do not have a browser on your system

In that case you type


A WWW session will be started. Browse through the documentation, the answers to all your questions are really there. In case you prefer a manual, fetch the_www_book.tex or in pub/www/doc on via anonymous ftp.

How to install the linemode browser on your system

Sources and/or binaries are available via anonymous ftp from in the directories pub/www/src and pub/www/bin. Installing the binary is the easiest way, if the binary is not available or does not work fetch the source, go to the appropriate directory and type make. Modify the homepage default.html to your needs and put the name including the path in the environment variable WWW_HOME. You may also code the pathname in the main program.

How to install the server on your system

Fetch the source from and compile.

Create the following entry in /etc/inetd.conf

http stream tcp nowait nobody /httpd httpd -l -r

Create the following entry in /etc/services

http 80/tcp # WorldWideWeb server

Put the names of the directories to be accessed by the daemon in httpd.conf. In the example below all html files are in the directory /user/a03/www/default.

# map /hypertext/* //cernvax/userd/tbl/hypertext/* map /decnet/* //cernvax/userd/tbl/denise/* map /rpc/* //cernvax/userd/tbl/rpc/* map //* /Net/* pass /Net/cernvax/userd/tbl/hypertext/* pass /Net/cernvax/userd/tbl/denise/* pass /Net/cernvax/userd/tbl/rpc/* pass /user/a03/www/default/* fail *

Keyword search

The code provided by CERN will not perform a keyword search. The following modification in HTRetrieve.c makes this possible: if (keywords) { /* if (TRACE) fprint("HTHandle: can't perform search %s\n", arg); HTWriteASCII(soc, "Sorry, this server does not perform searches.\n"); */ ip = string; command = "/user/a03/bin/ "; for (;*command!='\0';) *ip++ = *command++; for (;*arg!='\0';) *ip++ = *arg++; *ip++ = '?'; for (;*keywords!='\0';) *ip++ = *keywords++; system (string); return fd; } In this example the server will call the script in directory /user/a03/bin: name=`echo $@ | awk -F? '{print $1}'` keys=`echo $@ | awk -F? '{print $2}'` name=`basename $name .html` /user/a03/bin/$ $keys

A keyword search is possible for html files which contain the command

<isindex> When the keywords key1 and key2 are given the server will receive the string pathname/file.html?key1+key2. The script will call the script with the parameter key1+key2.